So true, thanks for posting.

Another tip that might not work for work for everyone, but could maybe help some;

Budget reading glasses like the kind bought from general stores work for me personally.

I’ve used to dramatically improve my unaided long sighted vision, by wearing during intensive computer, phone and tablet use for about 10 years now.

My gen-Z daughter, already also prone to mild myopia, presumably from device use, recently tried the same, and reports it works for her too.

A lens of 1.0 means one diopter, which means the lens focuses light to a point one metre away.

In other words, wearing such a lens focuses the eye on things one metre away as if it is focusing on infinity.

One metre is about average distance of use for a standard computer user with an average monitor.

For users of tablets, phones and laptops, the distance of use is more like between 0.5 and 0.75 metres.

The relationship of diopter to focus distance is inverse.

A lens of 1.5 gives infinity focus at 0.75 metres, and a lens of 2.0 gives infinity focus at 0.5 metres.

I keep a few pairs of each type kicking around, and wear them during device use when I remember.

I notice a definite improvement in unaided long sighted vision after each use, countering gradual deterioration that occurs when I use devices without glasses for prolonged periods.