So true, thanks for posting.

I think nature might be playing a money game that not many can see yet, and we are almost at check-mate.

Money, the thing it all depends on, has for a long time not really been what it says on the tin.

In other words, 180 billion is not really 180 billion, it is actually much less.

I think the elites know this, hence the reason they can never get enough.

But there has to come a point when nature will pull the carpet from under their feet.

Nature will sooner or later expose that money is not, and cannot ever have true value by itself, it is only very minimally useful in large quantities.

Hence the reason it would very quickly devalue, if given away in quantity.

That would be a problem for some country or another, whose denomination the currency might be, if that country’s economy was isolated from the global economy, by embargo for example.

But if all currencies devalue together, by being continually given away, to all people, then the thing that actually loses value are assets like gold, and Bitcoin.

After all, who needs those, if there comes about never-ending, continuously flowing free money for all people?

See, nature doesn’t do scarcity, no-one can stop the sun, continuously generating creation.

Scarcity is a human construction, an illusion perpetuated by a fixed supply of money, which is supposed to represent the assets of the Earth as a fixed constant.

And yet the Earth is enriched every day by the sunlight falling on it. Creation never stops.

Sunlight is directly interchangeable with energy, matter, and information.

We know that from science, again confirming continuous creation is in process.

Each of those things created is directly interchangeable with money.

And yet money is based on a fixed amount of creation.

See the problem?

Throughout history it has been possible to maintain this illusion of scarcity whilst the continuous creation effect of the sun has not been directly incorporated into the world economy.

But now there is a significant amount of solar power being used to create money in the form of Bitcoin.

Now, it can no longer be denied that we are trying to represent something continuously growing, by something static.

Whilst Bitcoins are in production, actual physical wealth is being pumped in, in from solar energy, in a similar way as energy is accumulated in oil.

When that energy is freed from the burden of producing Bitcoin, it will come onto the grid, again directly producing revenue.

Over time, we are scaling up solar energy, as we absolutely have to, to remove our energy demands from the resources of Earth.

So the actual wealth of nature being poured in, is increasingly outstripping the value that it is falsely represented by, as a fixed quantity of money.

Sooner or later, that, the real bubble, has to pop.

Money is free.

It always was.

Right now, the world banks could be instructed to begin issuing massive stimulus, with no change to the values of any currency relative to any other.

It wouldn’t matter to who, rich or poor, we would all get it as long as it is continuously generated.

The sooner we realise it, the better, because as you rightly point out, the cost of perpetuating the illusion in terms of human lives and suffering is staggering, to our species, and even to all life on Earth.

For the benefit of accountants and economists, who might ask how it can all be balanced, world human debt represents profit made under the illusion of scarcity, when there never was any scarcity, since the sun continued to fall on the Earth, throughout human history, we created the debt, practicing profit, by taking energy from the Earth, ignoring that the sun put it there in the first place for free.

In other words, the real human IOU is to our planet, from which we have robbed energy.

That debt can only be paid back down by the effective implementation of global solar power, since the sun is the actual off-planet wealth source.

In numbers, the figure for world debt can be converted to a fixed quantity of energy, and all solar energy subtracted from it on a continuous basis.

Money freely issued in the meantime, can be just added to the IOU.

Very quickly, well within a single human lifetime, the IOU will be paid off, since from the point of starting to issue free money, the single main goal of all humanity, united for the first time in history, will be to pursue world scale implementation of solar power.

That done, we will quickly move onto researching things like the elimination of all illness towards immortality, and interplanetary space travel for real.

So it does actually all balance out, given we accept the sun is the real source of all wealth, and that wealth is donated to us for free.

It is our duty to pass it on to all who need it.

Nature insists on that simple rule.


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