So true. Such a cowardly and traumatising attack on an every day citizen, with their family.

It is a miracle Mr Blake survived, and it could have happened to anyone, provided they were black, the dehumanisation and terrorism is obvious.

Unfortunately, the lust for civil hatred between people in the US radiates from your gloating leader, he seems to want civil war, so that he can implement martial law before the election. As long as he thinks he is winning on that front, I fear things will not get any better, the string of outrages will continue to get worse, as they escalate tension. He will continue to mock and fan the flames of unrest. The thing to recognise is that the friction is between rich and poor, the oppressed and the unoppressed, the key is for all folks of all colours including white, and on both sides of authority to recognise this, the police are just pawns, they need to be made aware of that. There must be many amongst them who recognise it, and it is they who need to make change happen, by making a public demonstration of treating the murderers in their midst as the criminals they are. Surely there must be some frustration in their ranks that they have to all be tarred by the same brush, as long as we see things like this happening.

The officer who took it upon himself to open fire, whatever his name was, should have been arrested and cuffed on the spot, just like any other human who just used a deadly weapon on another, for all to see.

Despite the pressures they might be under from above to do otherwise. They need to clearly isolate the offenders amongst them, to unite and focus everyone’s discontent in the right direction.

What was that officer’s name? Why are we not seeing much of him, in the coverage?