So true, none of the profit driven vaccine efforts will ever be successful, and yet there is such a strong case to just pay everyone with free money to stay at home, and literally starve the virus to extinction, like we had the perfect chance to do, when China first locked down.

We can still do it, but now the amount of money needed to do it is so much more than can be financially balanced in any way, other than to say it is issued in credit against a future balance which can only be paid off by free energy, the only form of which is solar, therefore committing us to plugging fully into the sun.

Everyone’s existing debts could also be transferred over to that future free energy budget, as kind of debt jubilee also, and a whole stack of other benefits changing the way we work for the better, forever.

The reason that idea seems not so popular, is that an awful lot of conventional professions and job roles would disappear, tax and investments would no longer be relevant, politics and even law and order would become largely redundant, management of the new fully plumbed dynamic fluid money system would be more an Engineering discipline, than a financial one.

But who would be losing anything, if no-one needed to work at anything they didn’t really want to do, in a new free money economy, with absolute financial and welfare security for all people?

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