So true Jason, thanks for posting. As you say, the word Libra appears on first glance to mean something to do with Freedom. But on research we see if anything it was historically closer related to slavery, as the main measure of weight used by the Romans, which would likely have been used to quantify the weight of a slave by the Romans.

Interestingly, when I first searched a few months ago using the usual search engines, the Roman measure of weight was the definition I found most readily on sites like the Cambridge dictionary.

Now when we do the same search, we find the star sign definition of Libra appears to take precedence. The profit driven algos are evidently already at work, the first step towards redefining the term. Note that for the moment, the symbol representing the star sign is a set of scales, reminding us of the original meaning. But as we’ve seen, algos can work towards redefining graphics as well as words. I wonder how long the scales symbol on the Libra star sign will last?

Time will tell.


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