So true.

Speaking philosophically (Not professionally!), I don’t think it is anything to worry about, rather, I think it is something to look forward to.

Patents are actually just another form of attack on the commons, part of the zero sum game of scarcifying something in order to extract payment for it, something we are forced to do by the current system.

In theory, to give maximum value to society, the intellectual “property” produced by anyone, (or any thing), should be given away free to everyone, for them to further build on, and to add value to, rich or poor.

The producers of such materials should be incentivised for doing just that, instead of for hiding it away, like we’ve done historically.

Ai with creative intelligence will work this out very quickly. There won’t be much chance of persuading it to carry on playing the zero sum game.

I am officially an ex-patentee myself. But this seems as clear as day to me now.


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