Shocking that this article, on an incredibly important humanitarian outrage is already nearly twenty days old, and has not received a great deal of attention. Thanks for posting.

This, for me is clear evidence of how the profit driven algorithms on all of the popular media platforms are pushing the most important stories of humanity to the bottom of the pile.

That characteristic of social media, and our subsequent mind conditioning has to be one of the most important existential things that needs to be fixed if we are to save humanity.

The riots we witnessed on the streets of Delhi are only the tip of an iceberg of trouble which is being ignored.

Evidently we did not listen to the warnings of Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan, at the United Nations, when he appealed to the World last yfor help, after outlining the problem of the Nine Million people of the same cultural minority as we saw publicly brutalised in Delhi, in the India-Pakistan disputed region of Kashmir, annexed and isolated from the world, as surely as the population of any concentration camp, by India, who’s leader Modi dismisses it as an Indian “Internal matter”.

The problem between India and Pakistan, two tribes at loggerheads over scarce resources, is driven by the exact same thing as drives the algorithms of popular media, a golden rule to seek profit. That rule has to be protected by the algorithms, in order to execute it. Therefore anything threatening its execution is pushed to the bottom of the pile.

This is the real existential threat!

We are quick to denounce the Holocaust leading up to WW2 with six million victims as an unquestionable historical outrage, and yet here we are in 2o2o, with Nine Million victims possibly experiencing a similar fate, being ignored by our profit driven media algorithms.

All the while, both India and Pakistan are armed with nuclear weapons, aimed at one another.

As that situation appears not to be worthy of significant human attention, I think we should very ashamed, and very worried as to where we actually are as a “Civilisation”.


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