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Community System Suggestion


This article is prompted by recent articles seen, on “Renewable Energy”, applauded by armies of supporters, probably mostly investors, and would-be investors.

Still we see that term “Renewable Energy” bandied at the highest scientific and financial levels (ie COP26 etc), and subsequently all the way down to average folks with no scientific or financial background, when actually it is completely deceptive, and dishonest, in my opinion, even fatally dishonest, the real existential threat to our species, so it can’t be overstated.

There is no Renewable Energy.

We should be calling that out every time we see it or hear it mentioned.

Each time we see or hear it mentioned, the entire arguments of whatever is being discussed are completely invalidated, and in fact, a waste of our time to read or listen to.

Sorry “Renewable energy” communities, with the best will in the world, you gotta think again, because thinking in terms of renewable energy isn’t really thinking at all.

As we can see, making profitable businesses from, and careers in “Renewable Energy” itself is not fixing the problem, only perpetuating it.

Anyone needing to know how I’ve come to that conclusion can just seek out some of the other 200+ or stories I’ve written on the subject since around 2017, when I started to work on a PhD, which first led me to the conclusions that profit, is a tad more of a problem than most of us realise.

I would recommend the “Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge” for starters, linked below:

Or if you prefer the humanity approach:

Or perhaps the Crytpocurrency Approach:


In this article, I want to blow away any doubts anyone has, about what we need to do, by showing the principles of a basic sustainable survive and prosper system which can be applied to communities, in lieu of an appropriate world system, to reverse the harm done by our existence to date.

There is only one real power and wealth source we have to play with.

It is the sun, the great free fusion reactor in the sky.

So far throughout our existence to date, we haven’t put that to real use, other than as outlined in the Kardashev Hinge story above (Still some way to go).

We need to switch to it, ultimately as a species, but standing in the way is so much misinformation and misconceptions being generated by those who wish to profit, and profit is only possible by ignoring the sun, continuing to plunder the energy reserves of our planet, whilst brutalising our fellow humans.

There is no profit in the world which has to come next.

Initial System Requirements

  • The system must be fully self sustaining after setup.
  • The system must generate no pollution.
  • The system must be capable of freely scaling to any size, to support any community.
  • The system must sustain all needs of the community, trading if necessary with external communitites.
  • The system must provide basic sustenance and wealth to all members.

…More to be added later, perhaps in response to comments.

System Required Basic Elements

Solar farm

For the live conversion of solar energy to electricity.

Green Hydrogen Plant

Electrically powered from the solar farm, whilst the sun shines, generating hydrogen for all engines in the community, powering electrical generators when the sun is not shining, etc, overstock can be sold to external communities who might require fuel.

Hydrogen engines are easily created by conversion from fossil fueled engines, after which, burning only hydrogen, they produce no pollution, only useful clean oxygen and water as “Waste” (Just like plants!)

Supply Pipework designed for gas is also easily converted to Hydrogen.

Proof-of-Work Token Mining Facility

Electrically powered from the solar farm, with hydrogen fueled uninterruptible backup generators, generating continuous power, and continuous proof of work tokens. These could be Bitcoin, whilst those continue to be minted, but could be any other token, as long as they are being generated by proof of work, they have value, and should be continuously divided out (Fairly!) and distributed to everyone in the community.

System Optional Elements

Conventional farm with animals, vegetables and fruit

This is to fully or partly sustain the community food requirements.

It is optional, because energy (both electrical and as hydrogen), and proof-of-work tokens are all valuable, exchangeable for food, and all other provisions.

Solar waste disposal facility

This is a highly desirable but expensive to setup facility. It involves a solar concentrator mirror array, which focuses sunlight into a highly concentrated, very high temperature spot. The temperatures routinely obtainable are such that all materials and gases can be reduced to carbon, with no other waste ouput.

Thus it is capable of disposing of all non-nuclear waste.

So again we see something which as well as working to dispose of the community’s own internal waste disposal requirements, it can be offered also to external communities as a service, in exchange for whatever those communities might have an excess of, or even just revenue.

System Analysis — Common Criticisms Invalidated

Criticism is invited here, to investigate all paths of possible catches, things not thought of, or fully thought out.

The two most common misunderstandings of solar power are on the manufacture of solar panels.

Firstly that a solar farm outlay “never pays for itself”, and secondly that the manufacture of solar panels in general is an unsustainable environmental load.

Of course there is an environmental, and financial cost of manufacturing panels, but those costs are actually due to energy costs in the current paradigm, of all energy coming from the capital energy reserves of Earth.

There will come a point, when all energy used for the manufacture of solar panels will come from the solar power of panels created earlier.

After that point, we will still see some pollution output from the solar powered manufacture of solar panels, but it can entirely be routinely disposed of in the solar waste disposal facilities described earlier.

Now hopefully it is clear that after the critical point of being able to manufacture future panels entirely from the power realised by previous panels, and being able to eliminate all pollution by solar power, and that we are even generating money-as-sunlight from solar power, which can fund all financial costs of future panels manufacture, there is no cost of manufacture of solar panels, solar power really is completely free and infinitely scaleable.

Even better than free, it generates money for free.

All it requires is that we commit to it, with no reservations. In for a penny, in for a pound, it really is all or nothing.

With those two main arguments “dead”, further criticisms of any nature are invited. We really do need to iron out all doubts as to the reality of the solar powered future, the only possible future.

In essence, what we are doing in this schema is taking the energy that creates all things, and using it to create more things. No longer are we de-creating things created by that energy (Depleting the energy capital reserves of Earth), therefore no longer are we creating pollution.

In fact we can undo all of the pollution created previously using solar waste disposal facilities.

Bigger Picture — The System of Systems

Further to the scaleability requirement, it follows that a theoretical system of community systems comprising the above elements will start to appear.

I will elaborate further on this in stories to follow.

As those who know me are aware, I am more than eager to hear all suggestions, and to assist all to a greater understanding, with the best of my knowledge and experience as a long practicing Model Based Systems Engineer, I exist to serve you, not the other way round.

Kardashev 1.0 is coming, one way or another, it seems pretty clear to me.




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