Seems slightly contradictory, to firstly point out the flawed logic of wishing to work in jobs, even acknowledging we should celebrate the end of that, and then move on to knock the whole idea of automation.

Automation is great as it frees us up to create, which is the one thing robots can’t do, and probably never will, at least not in any way we would ever appreciate.

But the real reason we are not free to create is that there is no standard reward system for doing that. Without jobs we have no income.

The impact on the planet is solely down to us not taking the free energy offered to us by the sun.

The reason for that, and the fact we have no system of payment outside of jobs or prior investment of capital from jobs, is we are tied into an economy which demands return for all things given, unlike the energy of sunlight, which is given for free.

So it is the economy that needs to change, to one of rewarding us for creativity with no need of return, like the energy of the sun.

Then we will have the incentive needed to move onto switching to the sun for our energy, removing our dependence from planetary resources.

Then we can get on with creating, and celebrating.

All of that begins with free money, I believe.

That is a bitter pill for investors to swallow, but it is a truth confirmed by a dollar value which has not already collapsed.

When it is given out for free to those who really do create value, ordinary people, its value goes up, not down.

Time to recognise that, surely.


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