Scarcifying Scarcity

Something new that we need to get used to doing, in order to survive as a Species – opinion.

Those who’ve read my piece on the Bitcoin Kardashev Hinge, will either think I am barking mad, or maybe some kind of visionary.

I don’t feel like either of those at all, just an ordinary human, who’s path of lifelong curiosity has led to where I’m at, and I trust I am far from being the only one.

It is far from a certainty that things will turn out the way I’ve written. I hope they will, but as always, we are in control of our destiny as a species, everything depends on us making the right choice, we can live or die by our own hand, both individually, and collectively, however we choose.

As someone choosing survival, a thing I notice with increasing impatience, is imposed scarcity, everywhere it appears.

“We can’t afford it”, or “Where will the money come from”, seems literally our world’s war-cry.

And yet it isn’t necessary, as I’ve explained, and even proven, many times now, from many different angles. There is now, in the last ten years, increasingly more wealth being donated from an extraterrestrial source.

This isn’t anything religious, at least not in any sense commonly accepted, it is just pure, hard physics, coupled with social dynamics.

The physics is the thing which is inarguable, the laws of nature.

The social dynamics is the part which is variable, up to us, to try to overcome physics and the other laws of nature, or to work with them.

Of course nature will always win in the end, no matter what.

So what do we need to do, to try to ensure things go the way of survival of our Species?

Stop enforcing scarcity, I would say.

Making scarcity enforcement, as practiced by the powerful, against the powerless; something socially unacceptable, should be our goal, for our survival, in my opinion.

Looking for it, recognising it, and pointing it out every time we see it exercised, is a good start, I think.

Here are some of mine, no doubt you can add to the list:

  • Governments still seeking tax. I hate to say it guys, but you, and the banks, have access to infinitely printable free money. Why are you still asking for money from us, the ordinary people, who as yet, don’t have such access?


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