Scarce amongst the privileged, who prefer to think of those things as outside their own domain, relying themselves instead upon the allure of hoarded capital to perpetuate their state of suspense from reality, whilst taking the time to define some things in their eyes, maybe.

But in the eyes of the 7.5 or so billion others, fully networked as to increase their value by nothing less than a Metcalfe squaring of the same billions, those things you mention are only as scarce as we might allow ourselves to be deceived by the ideas of scarcity.

The secret is out my friend, it is time to point it out, just like the sun shines on us always with with the limitless energy of empowerment, for nothing in return, there is no scarcity other than that we might burden ourselves with, and impose on others by our own beliefs.

In case you have not yet read, perhaps you might wish to comment on the further analysis of my feature story?


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