Running it is not the problem, never has been. Decommissioning is the problem, but implementers and short term investors don’t care about that, as they just retire long before decommissioning comes up, and then it is never done. Not a single nuclear plant has ever been made safe since end of life. They are all destined to remain toxic waste sites for thousands of years.

Compare that with solar, which is infinitely scaleable, completely free, clean, and the single source of all energy in our solar system, though not easy to justify charging anything for in operation, since it is donated to us for free, so when added into our economic system will remove the possibility of imposing scarcity, and therefore also the profit driven business model.

Even an Ai will tell you that is a no-brainer.

Nuclear should never have been invented, in my opinion, but we are where we are.

Bring on the free solar power, and the new donation based economy of abundance, all sourced from the sun.

All we need to do to get it rolling is write an IOU equivalent to world debt, assign that to the planet as creditor for the sun’s energy stolen from it so far (all of the energy we’ve consumed in history), issue the stimulus needed to implement worldscale solar infrastructure, add that to the IOU, and start subtracting the energy coming in from solar, since that will be paying the bill.

And voila, end of all debt, all scarcity, all profit, all wars, all hunger, all inequality, and all planetary damage.

That might sound crazy, but only if you are not yet a victim of the broken profit driven system.

More and more are becoming victims.

Not long until the free money is demanded.

If the elites have any sense, or even a good ai, they will soon realise this is the only possible future, and despite being played by nature into checkmate, no-one loses, everyone wins, even the elite, provided they don’t spoil their own individual nests by refusing to see inevitable sense.


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