Rowan, I hadn't seen that video before, thanks for posting.

I've had some dialog before with Tom Osher of the video here in Medium, his ideas sound pretty cool, probably the world most people would like, maybe even implementable as a kind of distributed system on the internet, but I think implementing it would require many folk to jump out of a comfort zone, and get organised in a way that could be seen as hostile by some others.

I think the Kurds might have a similar ideology, but it is obviously seen as hostile to some existing authorities, with one their main architects in prison.

The real solution has to appeal to all stakeholders including elites, it probably needs to be something viral that could be tried straight away, with establishment buy-in, with no losers.

That might sound like a tall order, but intuitively we all know that creation of wealth has nothing much to do with storing it in assets, so if some practical way of operating came along that overturned our fixation with assets, it could turn out to be viral, confirming our instincts that some things have been wrong for quite a long time.

Investors, especially long-termers, will see rapidly devaluing free money as something that has to end in disaster, with them not in it, but there might be a solution which has obvious benefits to all, with the right technology supporting it, we could maybe see something really cool.

Key to that seems to be how to get us back into widespread wealth generation again, working as one, rather than taking refuge in assets as individuals. Even elites will know there is no real future in that.

Thanks for your comments, all power to your elbow, I hope things are going well enough for you.


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