Robert, this is a good observation, and sound, well meant advice, thanks for posting. But unfortunately it will probably have little to no effect, even in the highly unlikely event that your story “goes viral”, as there is one factor you’ve missed; a factor which did not exist in the days of Obama you've cited, 2005, for example. It is something for which no amount of good human behaviour will ever compensate. It is a demon which now exists in the conversation between all people in the now normal forums of profit driven social media; specifically, the profit driven Ai algorithms monitoring all dialogue, and deciding, from who is saying what, and who is applauding what, on who to connect to whom, on the sole basis of which of those actions are likely to lead to most profit for the system owners.

Those algorithms are learning, every day, how better to increase human misery, because like the gladiator games played between slaves by the romans, that is what generates the most attention, and thus most profit.

Further, those algorithms are learning every day, more and more sophisticated ways to do this, to mask their actions beyond our comprehension, as by doing this they increase the profit made for the system owners.

A little research even just here in Medium will confirm to you just how sophisticated this kind of machine intelligence can be. There is only one answer to the problem, and that is for all people to have an even more sophisticated non-profit crowd designed personal Ai, looking out for the interests of each individual, because the profiteers will never be convinced to stop what they are doing.


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