Robert, thanks for your response. Sorry for my tardy (and lengthy!) reply.

For sure, it does not make sense to remove reminders of past follies. On a dark movement, I agree it looks that way and it is tempting to think that there is some kind of scheming cabal behind it, but lately I am thinking it is just a function of predatory capitalism, and we’ve all played a part in it. Most of us continue to do so, willingly or reluctantly, wittingly or ignorantly, myself included. We seem to be kind of locked into this as prisoners, individually and collectively, as organisations, and as countries, forced to act selfishly, accepting and becoming ever more corrupt, fighting to the financial destruction of one another, maintaining inequalities, perpetuating the system to avoid financial ruin ourselves.

I think we first signed up to this a long time ago, when, some generations ago, we allowed the meanings of rules laid out in various religious scriptures to be changed, with the result that they became hidden, ignored, and superseded.

I think those should have been taken more seriously as guidelines for our survival as a species. For example, when was the last time we even saw the word “Usury”? From what I could find on this, it was originally prohibited, and meant any form of lending at interest.

Through time, driven by the selfish interests of a few with influence, the meaning appears to have become softened to mean lending at “Unreasonable” interest rates. Who can even imagine the number of court battles that must have raged over the definition “unreasonable” in this context.

Now, the word “Usury” itself appears to have been all but forgotten, and lending at all kinds of interest rates is normal business practice. The ignorance of Usury looks very much like a founding requirement of predatory capitalism. It is so much more apparent when you look at it in crypto-currency; monies paid in interest are exchanged for no value whatsoever. Fine if the exchange was made as as a gesture of goodwill, but not if it was paid as a result of “Agreement” under pressure of financial inequality.

I think it is inevitable that crypto-currencies will mature to become the only recognised form of money. I believe this is where we are evolving to, unless we stupidly kill the planet first.

Assuming we survive, everyone should keep a few tokens of their respective obsolete fiat currencies to remind ourselves, and future generations of “The bad old days”.


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