Rick, thanks for your response. Hopefully we agree fundamentally.

My post must have been badly wrtten if it came across as fear and bitterness.

It is not intended to be against capitalism either, it is against profit at all costs, which is where we are now, and which cannot be sustained. Does anyone honestly believe we have another 100 years if nothing changes? Do they have any children?

It is easy to ignore the danger signs that we are on the brink of oblivion, with extreme characters being appointed around the world, rising body counts in various wars around the world, and a new arms race in process. Now it is also openly acknowledged big money is being exchanged for lives, and we just turn the other way.

I am not promoting rebellion, just offering change to a different way of living. It is time we used technology to get busy living, instead of using it to stay busy dying.

You might see in some of my other posts some more comprehensive descriptions of the VRENAR proposal, and how, as well as enabling independent income for all, it will clean up capitalism again, restoring it to something honourable, by providing it with a very large free market again.


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