Rex, welcome to Medium, thanks for your comment. As to who is more qualified, I am not sure qualifications are relevant given the discussion. I have much respect for Maarten’s thoughts, as I hope is evident from our discussion here, as well as on other articles.

My own opinion of what the “Something big” could be, is the sudden explosive appearance of network enabled self-funding. With this would be automatic societal changes for the better that go way beyond anything I could try and explain in a few sentences. It could happen on many projects, which appear to be converging towards a similar result, driven by a heightened public awareness of the issues of the moment. Thankfully, that awareness seems to rise higher day by day. Those projects are non-profit, so nothing to gain from competition, only collaboration, and the end result will be collaboration between all humans like we’ve never seen before in history.

Hopefully that will happen before too much more mud-slinging between various parties still trying to play the zero-sum game results in a war which could eclipse all previous wars.

I hope that helps clarify. For more info, and whilst my own VRENAR project is in a phase of inactivity due to me having to focus on working on other things to replenish funds, I will direct you anyway to the main project index in case you are interested to know more:


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