Can we Fix Capitalism with Connectedness?

Empowering Consumers with Blockchain Technology is Key

Capitalism isn’t all bad. We should recognise what it has achieved, and reward it. Honestly.

let’s stop saying “it” as if it was just an object, and give it a name.

George. I’ll call him George for now.

George was very effective in lifting us up out of the dark ages.

We could think of George as kind of like a Locomotive Engine, pulling a long train of carriages; the train of civilisation.

Throughout the industrial revolution, George had to work very hard to overcome the inertia of the carriages he was pulling, and the train of civilisation was just starting to roll along nicely.

All was well as long as the bulk of industry pulled along by George was primarily engaged in creating new things that were elite to civilisation. Thus people with spare income bought elite things at prices they could afford, and more and more folks got access to things they never had before. But as those things became available to the majorities in the developed world, they became taken for granted. They are no longer elite to civilisation, but necessities to civilisation.

Now, even internet access and a connected device, are necessities to civilisation. So in a way, development of new things has stagnated.

We have reached a plateau of development, where everyone is connected, networked. For the first time in our history, everyone has the potential to connect to everyone else.

In this we’ve glimpsed how the network effect makes every individual in it valuable, as a collective. But that value is being channelled directly towards George, in the trust that everyone will benefit from the trickle-down effect.

But as we can see, George doesn’t work like that. He has a larger than ever appetite to keep making a profit. So he naturally turns to monopolies, and other dirty tricks to try to protect those profits.

In short, he is becoming dirty. Very, very dirty.

The red lines defining moral business are getting ever more blurred, now even driving government policy all around the world. It can only be described as wholesale bribery and corruption. George’s huge muscle and aggression is now completely out of control of any individuals. He pulls the train of civilisation ever faster, towards somewhere that we, the majority of sane people, really don’t want to go.

So what do we do to fix him?

We don’t.

It has to be recognised that he is actually a wild animal, embodying all of the laws of the Jungle. Dog eat dog.

He is just doing what comes naturally to him.

We should also recognise that he is a force, with no real counter balance.

He has no mate to play with.

What he really needs is a counter balance, his opposite. Another animal, but this one not wild at all, to draw his attention. One to interact with.

One that is ready to satisfy his insatiable appetite to make profit.

Let’s call her Emma.

We have to create Emma, just like we created George.

Her primary design requirement is that she will counter George.

George needs to have a huge consumer base with money to spare, to satisfy his huge appetite to make profit.

So Emma needs to generate consumers, lots of them, with money to spend on elite things again.

To do this, the network needs to be reworked, in a way that the value of all of those networked people of the world is given directly to them first, individually, rather than channelled straight to George.

Then George will see such a network as Emma, his playmate.

The VRENAR project is all about producing Emma.

If you’d like to be part of it, let me know, quick. You need to be part of it, and it needs you, no matter what your skills or financial status. In VRENAR, Everyone has value. And besides…

George won’t wait much longer.

Credits with thanks: Editing inputs by Kitty Hannah Eden

This story follows on from Optimism

Footnote: I am back on VRENAR full time again, come what may. Note also the White Paper at is badly out of date, in that the token sale campaign has been discontinued for now. I will update it very soon. The token sale was never destined to be successful, as that would have tied the project to the wrong form of token (Pre-minted). What we really need is a token which can be generated on the fly, in direct response to human interactions. I am working on that now, all help and suggestions appreciated.

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