Renegade Inc: “Failing fiat! Gold and Silver Lining” (RT)

In the above program, shown today on RT UK, we saw discussion between host presenter Ross Ashcroft, and two experienced financial industry experts; Economist and silver investment writer David Morgan, and Goldcore founder Mark O’Byrne.

Both experts were of the overall opinion that unlimited money printing would have disastrous side effects.

Both experts quoted thousands of years of history and numerous examples of economies known to have failed in the past, as the basis of their belief that this time will be no different; that eventually, the currencies involved would seriously devalue.

But they were not asked their opinion of what mechanisms were at work, which had prevented significant devaluation already, despite many trillions of new money issued, or why the dollar value in particular, saw a rise in value, at the height of the US financial stimulus of three trillion per month.

More information on that is in my feature story.

They were also not asked how, other than by massive financial stimulus, literally many tens of millions in all countries, are to be saved from being starved and made homeless, chasing “Jobs” which are disappearing in swathes daily.

We should keep in mind that all practitioners and traditional advisors in the financial industries have whole careers and fortunes invested themselves, and that RT itself has undoubtedly Pro-Russian interests at heart, just as the BBC has Pro-British interests at heart, all of which shapes the narrative in the debate.

The experts wish for things to somehow return to something resembling sense in their eyes, where their investments might continue to hold, or even increase in value.

This was despite Mark O’ Byrne stating he wished it could be possible to just keep “helicoptering” money, with no consequence, he went on to express his opinion that the belief of unlimited financial stimulus being possible was something idealistic, but not realistic.

It was mentioned also that Russia, China, Europe, and related economic partners are investing heavily in Gold and other precious metals.

The truth is, what we are seeing is a battle, between what we consider to have value. Either it is fixed assets, or it is free money.

Fixed assets are an instrument of deprivation and scarcification, upon which our economies have been based to date, rather than an instrument of empowerment, which we see briefly each time significant financial stimulus is given.

The key is to do this equally in all countries as a world economy.

When it becomes apparent that free flowing money is more desirable to all, than having assets, many assets will simply cease to have value, in the eyes of humanity.

Therefore lifetimes spent amassing assets, or even just modest “Nest-eggs”, could be seen to have been somewhat in vain.

Since this has become the ambition of most people, it will be difficult to get over it.

But, it has to happen.

Otherwise, humanity has to continue down the road of destroying itself as a species.

Which will we choose; assets, or free money?



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