Reasonable approach, likening people to children who need to grow up. I guess you maybe had to include yourself in that bracket, to avoid coming across as the only adult, or even “Shepherd”

But the problem I see there is children can’t respond, if an adult, or perhaps another enlightened, authoratative child was just to demand “Behave!”, without fully explaining what behaving actually means.

It means avoiding seeking to profit from one’s peers and other fellow humans, I guess. So you need to specifically identify profit as a key issue, Umair, which might be a problem for you, as I am sure you know this, but still never mention it, maybe you still have a need to seek profit yourself in your professional capacity as an economist, or perhaps professional writer, with still the conventional economist’s apparent blindness to the actual solution?

Here are my own recent musings on things, including the probable point of view of aliens, in case you might be interested:

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