Really relevant, valuable insights, thanks for posting.

I can’t understand how so few of seemingly thousands of followers have applauded your story, far less responded to it.

Medium works in strange ways, it seems.

Maybe I digress.

I feel much empathy with your experience.

Though I have a seemingly (so far) superhuman physical body, my experiences in life have included much mental pain, no-one’s fault, just unfortunate circumstances.

I have a little experience of auto-immune illness second-hand, and though I can’t really know the physical pain felt, I understand completely your reaction to it.

The person I knew who was afflicted came from a very deprived background (Venezuela), having moved there in her teens, as at that time, it was still better economically at the time, than the place she was born and grew up in.

She experienced much hardship in both those places, with seemingly superhuman physical qualities herself, until she came to UK, where she soon fell ill, by then in her forties, to an auto-immune illness which normally only affects a minority of much older people.

We’ve lost contact now, by her wishes which I respect, so I don’t know how she is now.

But my experience got me to thinking much since knowing her, how her illness manifested, and what might have driven it.

In both countries of her earlier life, extreme poverty was normal, resulting in shortages of basic amenities such as fresh running water, and personal hygiene things we take for granted in the West.

She was responsible for bringing up a young family then too. To my knowledge, they never experienced any of the illnesses we Westerners would quickly fall victim to, in places where disease and illnesse are everywhere.

I believe this was because she had what we in the West would consider as an extreme personal hygiene regime, thoroughly washing her body and all contact surfaces in her environment several times daily, and washing her hands many times more during each day.

It seems to me that our antibodies are like foot-soldiers, fighting on the frontlines of illness from infections.

In her case, those antibodies would have worked together with her personal hygiene regime, like a well-tuned fighting machine, becoming highly aggressive, adept at quickly despatching the many serious illnesses she was exposed to in her earlier life.

But, when she came to UK, continuing her extraordinary personal hygiene regime maybe resulted in leaving very little for her highly aggressive antibodies to do.

I can’t help wondering if that might not have been a contributing factor to the reason they began to attack her own body, as they had maybe never been wound down from their highly aggressive state, and with her literally wiping out all harmful bacteria in an already relatively benign environment by her continued extreme hygiene regime, they began to attack her own body, when they had nothing else to do.

Who knows, is anyone’s guess, including even the doctors educated and qualified in a system designed only to profit from drug sales, she was misdiagnosed several times before getting to know the true nature of the problem.

Anyway, none of it changes the fact Covid is something really nasty that you should probably continue your best efforts to avoid at all costs, and which I hope others will help you to do, per the appeal in your article.

But I hope you might find some more food for thought that might be useful in your mission of dealing with those delinquent antibodies.

Your illness might not be the same as the one I came to know a little of, but the human body has incredible ability to adapt.

I like to hope that just like our muscles, senses, and brain, our antibodies can also somehow be trained, to turn their hand again towards good.

I wish you all the best for the future, and hope you quickly find robust, good health.


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