Politics, Propaganda, and Energy.

Firstly from a purely Engineering point of view, we can’t fix a problem, if we can’t see all aspects of it.

Imagine trying to fix a car which has broken down, if we can’t see whether or not it even has wheels, or an engine, and the owner is swearing to us it has neither.

This is something like the situation we currently have now, in trying to understand and fix the global energy problem, with a war going on.

If I was presented this problem to fix, as a contract, like many others I’ve done in the past, I would walk away.

The problem of the global environmental problem is systemic, with many parts in the system including politics, human nature, economy, nature itself, and even the nature of the sun in our solar system, and our relationship with it.

Its a huge system, the largest we know. And it has a huge problem, the most fiendish we’ve ever faced.

There is no more lied about subject in history, it seems to me.

But we absolutely need to know the truth about every aspect of it to be able to see all of the driving factors, to be able to fix the problem.

This includes who is lying about what, unfortunately.

I don’t like to use that word too often, as it is an accusation that generates emotion, as we saw today Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia walked out of the UN security council meeting today, in response to the accusation that Russia is using food supplies as a weapon against developing countries.

Our Western news presents this as a kind of evidence of Russian guilt.

Our news gives us the impression Russian mines were what was stopping cargo ships accessing Ukrainian grain ports, and that Russia is deliberately targeting grain stores, to stop the supply of grain, and even steal some for themselves.

The Russians say the mines were Ukrainian, laid to deter Russian warships from accessing the harbour, and that the Ukrainians are the ones targeting the grain stores, and that the Ukrainians are putting weapons received from the West in grain stores, to make them targets of russian fire.

Of course we believe the Ukrainians, even although we know there are elements of Neo-Nazism driving Ukrainian politics, and it makes no sense for Russia, known to be already the supplier of 30% of the world’s grain, and already in control of the Ukrainian grain harbour areas, to steal grain for themselves, and stop their own warships accessing the harbour areas.

That’s because most folk have no idea of what I just said, and will probably denounce it as the lies of a Russian Troll.

Because they can’t see it. It’s been cut off. It probably won’t be long before it even becomes something illegal to seek out the “View of the other side”.

But I have to do it because all of these things are relevant to the world energy and environmental problem.

So I use a VPN and a Chinese browser to access RT news. That is what I’ve found is needed to see it now.

That means you have to do it too, because the world energy and environmental problem is not just my problem, its yours too.

We all need to be looking at it, and to understand it, to fix it.

If you think it isn’t your problem, then you should ask yourself, last time you were singled out to be bullied, shamed, or whatever, who did you blame for the bullying; the bully, or the whole crowd present, saying nothing or jeering at your predicament, when you were bullied?

Are we bullying anyone right now?


Our governments of the West are warning Africa not to buy Russian Grain

Can you believe that?

Those countries we colonised, and already watched millions starving to death in for the past 50 years or so, are being told not to buy food, on the basis of what looks like a completely fabricated truth, created by our governments.

Now look at the view from Africa.

Who do they see are the aggressors here?

Definitely not the Russians.


Not just our governments, but us, for being complicit with what our governments are doing to them.

We might as well be jeering, laughing about their predicament, like Nazis.

Let’s stop being like Nazis and start to fix the problem.

We need to move back from the emotions in the quagmire of bullshit industry which is this war, and demand that we get back our view of all aspects of the problem.

That includes news sources like RT.

We have to demand those are switched back on, to give us a balanced view of what is going on.

Otherwise we have no chance of fixing the problem.

People like me can scream the solution, the fix to the problem (Kardashev Money) until we are blue in the face, but it will make no difference, if the solution is not seen and agreed as the truth by all people.

We have no chance of fixing this broken system, when our leaders are the ones breaking it, starting with our connectivity to one another.

Everyone “On the other side” are just people like us, being lied to.

I would even say that our leading politicians are being lied to also, they are also in the Silo, along with everyone else, even if they put themselves in it voluntarily, the fact remains they are in it with us.

I’ve pointed out the harm being done by profit driven social bubbles already in previous articles.

There, I warned we hadn’t seen the worst yet, we would see more and more atrocity as a result of bubbles and silos.

Let’s try and avoid the final existential one, then we can get on with fixing the global energy and environment problem, as we must.



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