Point taken, I have some friends from Cuba who literally can’t eat a whole Western adult portion of food in one go, and yet they are physical powerhouses, doing physical work every day, way in excess of the capabilities of most Western people I know.

But it still stands that we are all humans, each irreversibly consuming one day of one human’s amount of energy, every day, from the root source of energy in our universe, which is pretty much constant.

In the case of people living in scarcity of food, we see obviously a less efficient path of sunlight energy making its way to humans than is the case in countries with food abundance.

So more energy is wasted on the way to feeding a human, where food is in short supply.

In other words, the energy consumed by a person in an underdeveloped country comes at a much higher cost, in terms of energy, than that in a developed country.

But we know that imbalance is not something imposed by nature, rather, it is something imposed by humans, operating on a flawed economic model which enables massive inequality.

The strategy of simply allocating the same amount of energy to each human therefore removes the artificial imbalance we see imposed by an unfair economic system.

We will still see variations in wealth, from individual to individual, but that will be a function depending entirely on how well the individual applies their daily energy towards positively influencing their environment, relative to all others, rather than upon any unnatural regulation imposed on their energy supply.

I trust you can see that is the whole point of the system.

Btw, I use multiple devices at various times in the day (4), all continuously logged into my Medium account, to interact with Medium at various times in the day.

I am finding it almost impossible to maintain a continuous discussion with you via multiple threads, so it would be really cool if we can limit the number of new threads?

I can see you are enthusiastic, which is great, but friend, following our conversation is like trying chase multiple cats.

Let’s try and keep it simple :)

Thanks again for all your interaction, all valuable.


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