Poignant thoughts Joe, thanks for your post.

I am also a long-standing fan of Kitty Hannah Eden, agreeing completely with her stance on the evils of seeking profit from all things.

It can’t be underestimated.

The instinct to do it appears to be woven so deeply into the fabric of society that most people have no idea that this is what is actually driving them.

The folk suffering most by it appear to be those conjuring up, or sucking up, more and more illogical arguments, to continue denying this simple fact of themselves being driven by the instinct to seek profit, whilst refusing to see they are suffering as a result of others taking advantage of them, practicing the same mindset from higher up the chain.

We seem to be very deliberately perverting our unique capacity for human thought, towards defending what is undeniably primitive animal instinct, and that surely is extremely dangerous for the future of humanity.

We are like a cage full of mice, starved of food, eating one another, when what we really need to do is work together as one, and gnaw our way out of the damned cage.

There is an infinity of lies that can be told about anything, but only one truth.

The truth unifies.

So we need to seek truth.


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