You swim often in my thoughts, from that distant day you first appeared, on the scan, dancing and waving at us.

I knew you were the one who would survive, you have always been so full of life, from day one.

You were a bundle of joy hanging round my neck, until disaster struck, removing me from your every day life, through no fault of yours.

My heart has broken a thousand times, seeing you having to tread so carefully, to try to avoid being weaponised. You had to grow up so quickly.

And you have done a truly amazing job of that.

Now you are taller than me, infinitely more wise, and of course, infinitely prettier.

My heart swells with pride every time I see you.

Tomorrow, taken distant from me this very special week you turn sixteen, now you will be the age when a long time ago, I myself had to spread my wings and fly far, far from home as an adult.

My heart breaks once more that I can’t be with you on your sixteenth birthday.

But never fear, I will still be here to celebrate with you when you can come back, in a few days.

You will always be the apple of my eye, no matter what comes next.

I love you very much, daughter.

A Very Happy Birthday to You!


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