Personally I find things are much simpler if we know enough about the physics behind everything, to remove ourselves from trying to make sense only of the incredibly complex interactions of people.

We are actually only reacting to the physics, it seems to me.

Thousands of years of controlled scarcity, switching to an opposite of solar powered, directed abundance, is what seems to be happening.

The Elites, still with a mindset of controlled scarcity being a necessity, are the first to enter the new domain of solar powered infinite wealth, so they are trying to close the door behind them, but they are finding they can’t, and shouldn’t try anyway.

The never ending money-as-sunlight money-fall will start any moment now, then we will see all things put right.

We are moving from Kardashev stage zero, to Kardashev stage one.

Not long now, just need to hold on tight, as it could be a little bumpy :)


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