Perry I have to admit since we had a chat some time ago, my mindset has changed in a way that I might see things a little more eye to eye with you now, though there are still some things we might differ on.

Dissapointing, though no surprise your article is obviously not circulated much by Medium, as it is so relevant, it deserves so much more attention, thanks for posting.

The Copiosis website has changed a lot since I last looked. That indicates to me that you / copiosis have also moving on in thinking, which is not a bad thing. I think key to everything is that we all need real flexibility of mind to deal with current events in order to ensure the future benefits from our experiences of the present.

Which brings us to your algorithm.

“Millions of people working to input data” sounds like an establishment, already working around a central authority. That is not something flexible, though it does seem to have some similarities with the still shelved VRENAR schema I was proposing at the time of our last discussion.

As mentioned, my thoughts have moved on since then, in light of ongoing developments, which probably none of us can predict as yet, so I am glad the formal VRENAR system has remained largely in theory as yet.

A nagging, and growing issue I have with the idea of proposing an ambititious scheme like VRENAR, or Copiosis, and expecting all people of the world to change to our ideals, is ego.

My method of attempting to allay the fears of others there, has been to continually build a formal database of user requirements, in the way I am trained to do as a Systems Engineer in the “Old world”. But I have really struggled to get public interaction in formulation of those requirements, due to VRENAR being a non-profit endeavour, thus having no budget for promotion.

As we can see, ego, and the drive for profit, is causing all kinds of problems in the world, now unfortunately living with Covid.

A system proposed by an individual, for the many to follow, smacks of ego, I hope you agree.

So for me, the solution has become more one of analysing ongoing events, and publishing the results together with my own thoughts (And hopes), on what they might mean for the future.

You might notice my theme has become one of free money.

That, is a very key development of events around Covid, in my opinion.

Copiosis proposes to replace money with a rewards benefit.

I would suggest to you that with the realisation of free money, money itself, and all currency which can be traded in markets, such as stocks and shares, are in process of becoming such a reward.

You can read more details about that with data based evidence, in my feature story if you are interested. Note it is due an update, which I have been delaying due to the implications on asset values, which is likely to upset a very large “Apple cart”, if not presented correctly.

I am not pretentious enough to believe my information is likely to change the future to any great extent, but, the same information presented by many, as it undoubtedly it will become, is what will define the future.

Anyway, I hope you see my information as good news, as Copiosis is no doubt your own valuable contribution added to humanity, perhaps you need a crypto currency or similar to represent the Copiosis benefit token, to be traded in the new democratic market of free money, so as to realise the value of the Copiosis community, as seen by the public (“The hive”), along with the tokens of all individuals which I believe we will see very soon.

The newest, most radical tokens are the ones which are freely generated in a never ending constant stream, ensuring always rewards, rather than something that might one day run out, or be capitalised as an artificially scarcified commodity, just like the action of sunlight, which empowers all of nature whilst asking nothing in return, just like the Copiosis reward, by my understanding.


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