Paul it is great at long last to hear something like this coming from someone other than me, thanks for posting. The scheme of the VRENAR project is very similar. I called it Universal Basic Production (UBI), but I much prefer your term, RBI; a nicer term that more accurately describes it.

I would go a step further. Building in fines as well as rewards, helps fund the non profit system, with the bulk of the system power coming from solar energy.

I believe such a non profit RBI social media type system could run with minimal requirement for specialist input, run by the people, for the people, by a kind of continuous voting, where the system continuously evaluates everyones activities in life, continuously rewarding, based on a set of rules which are fluid, proposed, evaluated, and rewarded by the wisdom of the crowd, and where anyone in the crowd can individually propose further project bounties, which are redeemed on automatic contract by others opting to do the work of the project. All parties, even just folk checking out bounties are rewarded for their contributions, as well as bounty creators, and of course those doing the work of the projects, again evaluated by the wisdom of the crowd.

The more the crowd appreciate an activity, the greater the rewards for those involved.

I am a Systems Engineer of more than twenty years, and have produced an initial design for such a system, if you are interested to know more? I don’t do it for money, only for the future opportunity of rewards possible in the implemented system, the same opportunities as would be available to all people.


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