Owning up to the real debt.

The future will turn around when we make the real admission that needs to be made.

Individual Debt.

Corporate Debt.

State Debt.

International Debt.

We might be thinking of those things as a bit of a problem.

How can they be paid back? Who are they even owed to?

We know they can’t be written off, not really.

At least not against nothing at all.

Historically, most debts have been traceable back to some agreement or another, between humans.

But lately, we’ve been starting to lose track of who actually owes who, with debts being sold, written off, interest added, etc, etc, to the extent that we really lost count a long time ago.

In effect, all countries, all corporations, and all individuals all over the world have debts to all others.

Lately, we’ve been necessarily issuing free money, but we can no longer identify where, sensibly, it can ever be put back from.

We know there is nowhere near enough gold, bitcoin, or any other scarce material which can possibly account for it all. The gold standard is long gone.

We might hear people crying “It is out of control”, and yet, the currency values are sustained.

We also see an immediate mounting threat to our environment, and subsequently to us as a species.

Various developments such as the COVID response, and ever progressive automation are taking away more and more of the capability of people to remain in traditional “Work”, so now more and more are facing poverty, sooner or later.

When we think of what money is, it is the medium we have always used to assign empowerment.

But who, or what, has assigned empowerment to us, our species, throughout our entire history?

It is a very real, physical thing, the sun, which is the source of all wealth, all life.

The sun will continue to do that forever, as far as we are concerned right now.

The sun’s energy directly translates into currency, matter, energy, and information, by routine technology we already use.

The total wealth put into Earth in the form of energy from the sun, has accumulated the entire time we’ve been here.

And all the while, we have not utilised much of it directly for our human requirements, because it is free, it does not fit with our accustomed business model of enforced scarcity and profit.

Instead, almost all of our industrial development to date, has been from Earth bound sources.

In other words, whilst the sun was putting it into our planet, we have been taking it out, with interest.

Thus it is to our planet we owe the debt.

Our planet is the real bank, with which we have the deficit.

When we realise that, we realise the only way it can be paid back.

It can only be paid back, through the effective utilisation of solar energy.

We must transfer all debts to the true creditor, our planet, and we can only start paying it back when our energy utilisation from the sun begins to exceed our human requirements.

Instead of a gold standard, an energy standard would be most useful.

When we do that, we see a way to justify the further issue of free money meantime, to be used towards the goal of implementing the required solar power infrastructure.

In fact, to issue unlimited free money, in a continuous flow, secured against the single remaining commitment, rendering all of the ideas of controlled scarcity and profit obsolete.

From then on, all transfers of money become donations. All humans and all organisations become direct distributors of wealth from their own feeds.

After that is done, repair of the planet is largely automatic, as all human interest is aligned with the interests of the planet. Then we may still compete with one another, but the aim of all people will be to maximise value to our planet, and our fellow humans.

That might sound like a tall order, or tall story, but it isn’t.

We’ve already started, with the issue of free money.


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