“Over-Reliance on Renewable Energy”

Dissecting this headline helps reveal some layers of deception around the Grand Energy Ponzi.

This story comes about following current headlines in some international news media, of soaring European natural gas prices, following the recent installation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Mr Putin claimed on live TV that a gas price of around 130 dollars per thousand cubic metres has already been fixed, and will be kept for a period of at least two years.

This is whilst the European natural gas price races upward towards a thousand dollars per thousand cubic metres, rising 100% in only a few days.

Who knows what the dynamics behind the price rise are, but we should keep in mind that all of it is driven by profit.

The Grand Energy Ponzi, for those who don’t already know it yet, is the basic idea of humanity being able to extract our energy from the finite energy stores of Earth, forever.

Of course it isn’t possible.

But that impossibility is still the entire basis of the zero-sum game that is our economy to date.

Energy is matter, is money, is information; all things we call capital, in terms of economy.

All energy on Earth, came from, and continues to come from the sun.

It isn’t renewable.

Hence the first layer of deception, the idea of energy which is somehow renewable, that might be perceived as of some use towards understanding the general concepts of energy when actually the deceptive term serves the opposite.

It confuses & obscures the actual Grand Energy Ponzi.

Of course there are no savings to be made by it, as any effort made towards renewing or recycling energy itself consumes yet more energy of Earth, therefore defeats the purpose of the effort.

But much profit is often made by that effort. Hence the reason it happens, and the reason that the very idea of it exists; a Ponzi within the Ponzi, obscuring the real Grand Energy Ponzi.

Renewable Energy is a Ponzi, within the Grand Energy Ponzi.

Solar Energy, the original form of all energy, directly from the sun, is obviously not part of that Ponzi.

In fact it is the solution. The only solution.

But still we seem to mostly fail to be able to see this.

Solar power is still bundled with “Green” and “Renewable” Energy, when in fact solar is the only one unlimited, and the only one not on our planet, or from our planet, yet it is the root source of all energy, and thus all of the things we perceive as wealth on our planet, all of it came from there.

Plants are the interface between all life on Earth, and the energy of the sun.

We interface with plants in the same way as all other life on Earth, and by that, we compete with all other life, including all other humans, in a kind of arena, for the same energy resources.

The competition in the arena fought between humans now uses the instruments of profit, and debt, claiming to be a kind of civilisation.

So we have to exit the arena, leaving animals there, to form another part of the interface between solar, and the arena.

We need to do as plants do; supply the earth with our creative work from solar.

The competition continues for us in the arena, as long as we can’t see or understand the effects of it, from the viewpoint outside the arena.

So the word “Reliance” above, actually means our capability to defeat the GEP.

Can we ever be reliant enough (On solar energy and not renewable energy), to overcome the Grand Energy Ponzi?

Of course we can, again and again, there is no technical reason we can’t go completely solar powered, in fact we must.

It is truly ridiculous to claim we can’t rely on the root source of all energy for our energy.

Given truly valuable free money, created from solar powered proof of work tokens, solar energy is now being effectively (Though as yet unofficially) distributed via our financial system, there is no longer any reason for scarcity, no reason to be concerned about how much things cost.

Financial debt no longer has any meaning, other than it is a measure of how much energy we have taken from our planet, thus what we need to replace.

Superconducting transmission lines comprising a world grid with solar power collection all around the equator, and solar manufactured hydrogen fuel for all engines, solar powered waste disposal including even harmful vapours, are all routinely possible.

So, rather than turn away from solar, as a result of headlines such as above, which are absolutely designed to keep us focused on the arena, to make us turn away from considerations outside the arena, we need to learn how to unravel the deception, to understand the truth, to take the only way out of the arena.

We have to wake up to the reality outside the arena.