OK, so I had a quick look at www.liecourt.com, and contrary to my expectations, suspect we do not really see eye to eye, though I respect your analyses, you have obviously invested much, in time and effort at least.

I only needed to go to the bottom of the page to find the following text:

“Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Pending 2019-2020 Bright Plaza, Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

So, it is a profit driven endeavour.

We agree lies lead to all manner of bad outcomes, including even genocide, but where we differ is I believe the drive for profit itself, is the real root driver of pretty much all lies, fiat, folk, or otherwise. It is no more complex than that.

That simple truth becomes apparent when we trace science back to before the “Enlightenment”, when science became divorced from religion, in the interests of business and profit, history came to be meticulously and continuously whitewashed, to promote the ideas of profit, with the effect the standard modern mindset believes science only began during the enlightenment, and that we have always been driven by profit, and that we always had slavery, etc, etc.

Logically, the problem absolutely cannot be undone at profit.

Instead, remove the root source; our drive by / for profit, and the lies will disappear, again logically.

Here is my latest conclusion on the likely solution, if you have a few non-profit minutes to spend on it:



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