OK, my comment would be that with this story, rather than coming out of the box, you seem to have dived into it, deep.

For the sake of simplification, wealth can be equated with energy. The two are closely entertwined.

We have always dug and consumed the vast majority of our wealth from the Earth.

We know also that overwhelming harmful pollution is generated by Earth bound energy processing.

We know that the original source of those consumable precious finite Earth resources is the sun.

We have the technology now to convert all of our energy consumption to solar power consumption.

Doing that will achieve two things, for the first time in the known history of humanity;

(a) It will remove our need to continue generating harmful pollution to obtain wealth.

(b) It will introduce an unlimited external source of wealth to all of humanity.

The second point seems to be the one which is more profound, and much less understood, or even believed.

With an unlimited external source of wealth, all reasons to compete and squabble amongst ourelves is removed.

Humanity can at last be united, to get on with the real mission, for example, getting into space, to go forth, to perhaps trade competitively with other intelligences which statistically we know are inevitably out there, but which lately seem to have been avoiding us, since somehow we lost our way.


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