Oh the hours I could waste here trying to convince you otherwise, but I think you are worth it, so here goes a little time:

Humanity merging with machines is inevitable, we are already some way into it. Our cellphones are the main machine interface for now. Would we choose to throw those and the internet away, with nothing better to replace them? So in a way we already have Ai, and it assists us.

The harmful force seems to be the human emotion of greed that drives predatory capitalism. Ai has none of that in itself, it comes entirely from us, and it is illogical to think that an autonomous all powerful Ai could somehow be trained to have any of our faults. The internet has assisted us to see the human fault of greed, beyond mainstream “News”, for what it is, and the harm it does, which was the first step needed towards dealing with it. We have already responded with things like Bitcoin and blockchain, which are showing much promise, again if you look beyond the fake news. The time to deal with nukes will come eventually too, but it won’t be by detonating, it will be by disarmament, the only sensible answer.


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