Not a single response yet, pointing out that this looks to some of us like an effort to prolong the broken system.

If the meaning and purpose of money must change from the form we know is unsustainable for most people, why keep treating it the same as we always did?

Thinking it represents capital, and should be exchanged for, or accrued as such, because capital is somehow valuable, something to be hoarded, is where we seem to have run short of value generation.

We need to accept that money is free. It is freely printed, has been for a privileged minority for years, with no dilution of value.

What sets the value of a currency is what traders wish to pay for it.

When traders buy with free money, they are not looking for profit, they are looking to save things they value.

If they wish to save the US, for example, they will buy the dollar.

So the best way to prop up the value of the dollar is to have good relations with the rest of the world.

So if you have dollars to spare, to put towards insuring your future prosperity, they would be better spent towards influencing your leaders to improve the relationships of the US with the rest of the world.

Otherwise the dollar will continue to become worthless.


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