No worries, time will tell Kitty.

We arrive at different conclusions because of our different experiences in life.

For me, naivety is misunderstanding the nature of technology, underestimating it’s power, and mistaking its purpose.

If we imagined it as a bike we found as kids, it seems pretty clear to me that so far we’ve been trying to learn to ride it backwards.

It is a beautiful thing we are able to have this valuable dialog, and those of us who believe we have solutions are free to continue pursuing implementation of them, just as you are free to choose to do otherwise.

The young people you mention that some of us have brought into this world, the people of the future, have not had the benefit or handicap of our life experiences.

They have their own ideas about how the world should work, and we’ve had a glimpse of that with the phenomenon of crypto-currency driven eco-systems, and the rejection of conventional politics and centralised authority.

I admire how they’ve done that so far, compared with the results of our own history of empowering minority privilege, and I feel it is my duty to apply my own insight and formal skills to assist as best I can.

I don’t believe I will live to regret that decision. If anything, it has gone, and continues some way towards reversing some of the other poorer decisions I’ve made in life.

I feel infinitely richer now for the experience already in a way that no amount of material wealth will ever equal, and no amount of personal hardship will ever make me forget.

Are you similarly happy with how you have conducted your own life to date?


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