No need to apologise, at least not to me, for talking to me as if I know nothing.

Chartered / Professional Systems Engineers, of which I have been one for long enough, are intimately familiar with the economics, physics, and everything else involved in designing and implementing infrastructure; nuclear, solar, or otherwise.

Ten years for installation of industrial scale solar power worldwide, would be more in line with my own estimate, assuming such a project is given the right support.

On nuclear; fusion does not yet exist.

Re-creating the sun might be an inspiring quest, but it is nowhere near realisation.

Fission nuclear stations generate pollution throughout their life that no-one can think of what to do with, except to put in nuclear weapons. At the end of the lives of those stations, after thirty years or so, all who profited from their implementation have long retired with the proceeds, leaving nothing to cover the expense of making them environmentally safe again.

Not a single one, including those which are portable, fitted on various craft, has ever been made safe at end of life for that reason. Thousands of years of toxic environmental hazard remain.

Do you really think we might continue along a similar path for another hundred years or so, given even a small fraction of the exponentially increasing environmental damage done by fossil and nuclear power already, in only 150 years?

It is time for folk to wake up and realise that we need to change our approach.


There is only one way out.

Any other way will continue producing pollution.

We have to plug directly into the energy of the sun by practical Earth bound solar energy infrastructure, which we know how to do, with no further delay.


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