Nice to see more of us coming to similar conclusions, thanks for posting.

I like to think of the collective consciousness as “the hive”, and have also written a fair bit about that, and the associated network effects via Metcalfe’s law, in Medium.

Your article is the first I’ve heard of the noosphere (sorry my device not amenable to cut and paste the right character!), it is an interesting concept that immediately brought to mind Nikola Tesla, before you mentioned him in a different, maybe less complimentary context.

My own opinion is that he was treated a little unfairly by the elite scientific community, I believe because his ideas were anti-profit, a mind expanding characteristic, yet which is still distinctly limiting to one’s career in the profit driven system, as I also know from ongoing experience.

But my point is that Tesla believed there exists a shell around the Earth of electrons charged by the sun, with the effect that the Earth is a giant, charged, spherical capacitor, which explains lightning as dielectric breakdown between that shell and the Earth.

That makes logical sense to me, which prompts to wonder again whether his research should not be revisited, as that would be a real alternative to how we currently go about capturing the energy of the sun as a power source using solar cells.

It is interesting to wonder if that could be so, and if it is, whether the noosphere, if it also exists, has any physical properties, and whether or not those might relate to, or interact with Tesla’s electron sphere.


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