Nice, thanks hugely for posting.

You just gave me the inspiration I needed to make a tough decision, whether to sell my flat or my caravan, a decision necessitated by an extended period of working non-profit, unfunded for a good cause, which unfortunately needs to end now.

The caravan enables me to live economically near paying client sites. I can live in it on a shoestring. I could pay off the HP on it if I sold my flat. The flat is relatively expensive to live in, not near to many client sites, but has space to dance, like I do every day there, salsa solos, sometimes more than an hour.

The two times I’ve tried previously to live near clients in the caravan failed miserably, not sleeping well, ending with contracts terminating unexpectedly early.

That is out of character for me, now I think I know why, thanks to your post, because I can’t dance in the caravan! I am in it now for a couple of days Spring cleaning. It is 4 am on a Sunday morning. It has to go!


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