Nice story, good to get our imaginations flowing, thanks for posting. But… it is a gargantuan project to go and conquest the moon for ingredients to feed fusion reactors which themselves haven’t been made practical yet, despite those also huge projects and 30+ years of investment.

What are we actually trying to achieve? Cost effective non-polluting energy.

How are we dreaming of achieving it? By recreating the sun (fusion), using technologies we can only dream of yet.

Forget governments. Global industry rules the world now. Will any company ever have the funds to invest in such projects?

Aren’t we missing something? Why not just use the proven technology of sun panels to capture the free energy from the already established free fusion reactor (the sun), all over the planet?

The answer is because no one can see any way to make profit from it. And yet, humanity, and our planet would profit immensely. Perhaps even infinitely, if profit means what is gained, compared with what is lost.

When, if ever, will we work out that the planet, and us, will not be saved, as long as we think survival entails profiting from one another?


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