Nice informative article, thanks for sharing.

I disagree a little with the above assumption though. Folks are already always plugged in now, via their mobile phones.

Those phones could be easily replaced by the lure of something far more immersive, and wearable, like say, a nice augmented reality (“AR”) visor.

With the right system, such items could graphically superimpose the world of each user identically, in the context of what they see in their locality, wherever they go in the world, with issues to be voted on, whilst monitoring and interpreting their approval / disapproval reactions. These could be interpreted as a form of voting.

If every user was subsequently rewarded for each and every one of those votes, for or against, instantaneously, by automatically generated crypto-currency, then I think we would be onto something. Something potentially very big.

Something like VRENAR.

The real power of that idea is not in the system at all, but in the people using it. The system simply unifies the view of the world to all users in such a way as provide a common experience, with which we can all identify.

As such, we are not all that different from one another, regardless of colour, gender, race, religion, locality, we all want the same basic things — peace, prosperity, love, happiness, etc.

In general, with a unified view of the world, we would all vote for the same kinds of things.

Even minorities would also get what they want, provided it was not at the expense of the majority. This would be far more likely if the relationship between each individual and their wealth, was fundamentally between only themselves and the system converting their activity into it.

Such connectivity would also vastly enhance every individual’s prospects of being able to trade, but it would be on a much fairer basis.

All variables could be put up automatically and voted on, decided by the wisdom of the crowd, in true DAO spirit without the vulnerability to/of greed that killed it in the end.


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