Nice idea, thanks for posting. It would be really cool if it turns out to be the way it happens.

I have some ideas also about how it might happen, but writing about those is tricky, due to what seems to me to be Western closed minded reluctance to discuss honestly the subject of our own basic motivations around human animal reproduction and pleasure. I once tried to discuss this with some other Western “Intellectual” humans and got such a hostile reception, never tried again. Perhaps your farm animal approach would find a way round that too.

Suffice to say I think folk currently working on the business of pleasure bots are far more likely to come up with anything we might universally identify as Ai, than any of the armies of conventional scientists currently pursuing it.

Also, I believe the successful project will probably be crowd-funded, rather than VC funded.

I am optimistic we’ll find out, one way or another, when crowd funding becomes our main mode of business.

Not long now!


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