Nice, but neglects the fact we are not all the same, there seems a tendency to project your own perception of maybe how you see yourself onto all other people.

That explains to me why there seems a universal tendency to always assume aliens, if they exist, would be driven by profit, for example.

A whole stack of things we never thought could be possible, become real possibilities, when we start to realise the harm done to the collective, and by extension, ourselves, by the simple instinct to gain individually, to always seek competition, and to always expect competition.

That we might have within each of us, a constant battle between instinct, and logic, and that there is a perfectly logical explanation for that, which also explains gods, religion, aliens, and genetic variations of humans, but as mainstream itself, including science, is driven by profit, history is twisted and obscured at every opportunity to maintain that status quo.

But more importantly, the Grand Energy Ponzi, with profit at its heart becomes apparent, and almost instantly, that all activity for profit, all business for profit, almost all human activity to date, sits within it, each as a mini-Ponzi, ultimately resulting in a few humans seemingly enriched, at the ultimate expense of all others, and thus by extension, themselves.

Then we might realise that with nothing changed, at least half of all humans will never receive a covid vaccine, for example.

What we then see is not a successful species at all, but a species consuming itself, a species using its intelligence unique to the creatures of its habitat, to consume not only itself, but everything that can be consumed in its environment.

Then we start to see different reasons entirely why religions exist, what their real purpose actually was.

We might even try to explain this, in response to yet another story we see perpetuating the real illusion of profit, after another night half slept, since awareness dawned.

Then we go back to work, for profit as always, realising that as long as the collective are driven by profit, we have to do exactly the same, in order to avoid becoming just another unfortunate statistic, for just another day.