Nice article. Love your research oriented approach. Thanks for sharing.

I once read a book, “better eyesight without glasses”, long before any chance I would ever need any. I guess I would have been about 14. Throughout life since, I’ve gone through periods of practicing the principles and exercises there, and found I was able to correct a tendency to go shortsighted. I first noticed this at 27, when I was in the middle of an intensive undergraduate degree. Lately, this has been more difficult, so have resorted to going through phases of wearing one-point reading glasses, which now does the job of correction. “One point”, just means one diopter, which means one’s eyes focus on objects at one metre distance, as if looking into infinity. Thus wearing them, our eyes are relaxed looking at a monitor around one metre away. For reading books, tablet, phone, I use 1.5, or even 2 point glasses to get a similar result. Bizarrely, the diopter scale is inversely related to distance, so this means focussing on objects 0.75, or 0.5 metres away respectively. This again relaxes the eyes as if looking into infinity.

I think optical measures are deliberately confusing, so that not more folk catch onto this.

Capitalism at work again.


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