My thoughts also, pretty much in a nutshell, put far better than I could, over my own past couple of years reading and writing stuff in Medium. Well done, thanks for posting.

Maybe somewhat poetically, it has taken Medium more than a year to present your story to me for the first time; on my recommended reading list.

Perhaps the algorithms of Medium are finally starting to make sense, in a way reflecting a similar reality as I’ve guessed at; perhaps we need to prove ourselves worthy of seeing, before we can see anything worth seeing.

My own activity yesterday was to respond to another two stories on the Fermi paradox. There appears some irony in that Fermi himself was perhaps unwittingly working on something instrumental to the simplest logical answer to his own question.

He was working on a product of war, a weapon of mass destruction, already used against our own species, and intended for possible further application as such.

Did he really not know the simple answer to his own question?

Intelligent aliens would not consider any species busy wiping itself out, even in small numbers, as anything worth trading with.

So they don’t come here.

The question should now be what are we going to do about it.

I think you’ve answered the essence of that very well, right here.

I think most people quietly have similar opinion.

We need to become just one big tribe; Tribe Humanity.

We need more of us to say it out loud, and keep saying it.


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