My Opinion of the Kyle Rittenhouse Saga

Sometimes we have to state an opinion of things that might be deemed political.

I hate getting involved in politics.

So it is with some reluctance I write about this, something that seems deeply political, on the face of things.

But when we see it isn’t political, it is above politics, it is about right and wrong, we have to speak up, otherwise atrocities we’ve seen before, happen over and over again.

Wrong, is a system that acquits a person, a civilian, who ran down a street with a gun, shooting at people, other civilians, killing them.

That, has to be the definition of terrorism, no matter which party or ideology is represented, or none, and any system that lets off or even supports the perpetrators of terrorism is not good, the worst we can imagine, the kind we’ve sacrificed millions fighting against before.

It seems to me the last time we saw obviously powerful state supported terrorism against its own populace in the West, was the Nazis.

We will see what happens next.

The community feeling most loss at the acquittal of Mr Rittenhouse won’t let it lie, that is for sure.

All of their options are exhausted, now they can see the law of their land does not defend their lives, but quite the opposite, threatens their lives.

Now they have only one option left, to try to preserve their lives.

Mr Rittenhouse for sure won’t be feeling safe enough to walk down any street now, alone.

The authority that acquitted him will know that too, They will know he now needs lifelong protection.

The only sensible way to give that to him, would be to appoint him as part of the authority.

If we see that happen, we see it confirmed, the same kind of government as appeared in Nazi Germany, comprised of murderous criminals, a gang, promoting and rewarding its members on merit of deeds of terror, terrorising all of its own members and population into total acquiescence.

Where will it stop?

Who knows.

All I know is, it isn’t good.

It really, really is not good.

The world can see this, and how we will react, is via the markets, money markets.

Seeing a symbolic Swastika on the dollar won’t do it any good at all.

That, will have more impact on its value than any amount of free printing.

Like I’ve reminded elsewhere, we saw its value actually increase when the first 4Tn stimulus was issued (At the time when oil prices went negative, and good but bankupt company stocks soared).

So a decline in value has nothing to do with how much is issued, but what is done with it.