Much as I’ve always been a fan of Bitcoin, I think this an interesting claim in your article warning of greed.

My definition of greed is the kind that drives kids and animals to quarrel with one another over the possession of a toy, sweets, terrain, or whatever.

Doesn’t hanging onto an asset qualify?

I should give you a heads up, I don’t want the price of bitcoin to drop either, but, there are things happening in the economy that change the old rules of possession, which are way out of anyone’s control, and it is the bankers fault (or to their credit, as they may claim later).

Possession, at least the material kind, doesn’t work anymore, in the presence of free money.

With that, a new kind of value is coming into play, the real one, which has nothing to do with scarcity, or profit.

You can read more about it if you like, in my featured story, but it is up to you, if you prefer to ignore what is going on.


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