More and more people both inside and outside the academic community are starting to realise that modern science is not perfect, and that one can usually find the flaws by “Following the money”. Pretty much all Western medical science is funded by commercial entitities and has been for a very long time, with the result that much research claiming to be in the interests of human wellbeing is actually to increase and consolidate profit, and much research which would be of real value to humanity, like advance vaccines for things like coronavirus have been neglected in the West, as there is no immediate profit to be made by that research.

Therefore there is much in conventional Western research that can’t be trusted.

Subsequently we also know that attempts to shut down alternative voices, as well as being archaic, could be, and may already have been, incredibly damaging for the public good.

Isn’t it interesting that countries less inclined to being driven by profit are better equipped to handle things like ebola, as well as the oncoming pandemic?

Isn’t it interesting that those countries also suffer the same kind of persistent attacks on their credibility, as the one you appear to be advocating here?

One only needs to read Mr Hobday’s article with a calm and reasoning mind, and we can see it is simple logic, based on reasonable pragmatic research, written with the best of intentions, which may prove to be invaluable, given that there will absolutely be a shortage of treatment delivered by profit driven services.

Yours is the aggressive view which is damaging, in my opinion, but I would never advocate that we should shut you down or muzzle you in any way.


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