Money-as-energy is nothing new.

It is nowehere near as old as money-as-gold, or money-as-labour, or money-as-debt, but we’ve had it in addition to those, since we started to dig energy from the Earth.

Still, in whichever form, money remains something scarce, something to be coveted, something to earn, beg, borrow, or steal, to save for a rainy day.

But when we take energy from sunlight, converting that first to work, and then to money, it becomes something free, not so scarce.


That is something new.

And yet it continues to have value, because it is still directly convertible to any of the older kinds of money, as we can see by Bitcoin.

In fact Bitcoin shows us it is even more valuable.

Money-as-sunlight is the most valuable kind of all!

After all, it directly represents wealth from the true original source of all wealth, and even all creation, in all of nature.

So increasingly, we are seeing less of a need to covet money.

How long will scarcity continue to be something that can be controlled, and used in schemes of profit?

How long will we keep stealing energy from the Earth?

How long will we keep using plastic?

How long will the old kinds of money still have value?

How long will we keep putting money before humanity?

Not much longer, I think.


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