Mikhail as a technologist and arguably former “entrepreneur” myself, I gave up all hopes of finding anything obviously beneficial with still a reasonably good conventional business case to pursue personally some time ago.

By conventional, I mean something that makes profit, by returning profit directly to shareholders.

But as a Systems Engineer regularly working in Aerospace, I completely agree hydrogen has huge potential.

Your article appears to miss though, that connected to it, is something that makes a new kind of business model, and even a new kind of donation based economy possible, one that enables all manner of humanity beneficial businesses possible, regardless of profitability.

Solar energy is uniquely the only real sustainable form of energy, since it comes from off-world for free, is clean, effectively free and infinitely scaleable after implementation, and everlasting, therefore the wealth from it truly adds to wealth already on our planet.

It is currently connected to the world economy via Bitcoin. That means sunlight is effectively being converted to money. In other words, free money, continuously added to the world economy is a reality.

With free money comes the inevitable end of scarcity, and with that, the end of profit.

Most relevant to your article, it also connects to hydrogen via a process described as the object of a Bill Gates backed venture, Heliogen


Very soon, we might be at last free of the constraint of profitability, in considering what we’d like to create.

I would anticipate we will see some very big changes on that front very soon, in 2021.

There is no reason why banks could not write off all human debt to be paid down by future solar energy, tomorrow.

After all, our debt as a species is surely to our planet, for the energy removed from it at profit, which was put there for free by the sun in the first place.

That would align all humans towards the single common goal of utilising the sun to benefit humanity.

No more competition, just massive collaboration.

I will be raising a glass to that when the new year comes in a day or two.

I hope you might too.

Happy new year!


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