Mike, when we look at the historical price slippage in terms of gold, between fiat currencies, and bitcoin, we see a growth trend.

That trend is in the form of an increasing curve, showing that the price of currencies, all currencies in the world economy, are slipping away from the prices of fixed assets, like bitcoin.

The only way to see this at the moment is to take the gold daily price data, and use that as the reference to view currency and bitcoin prices for comparison.

We can’t see it in internet graphs as currently presented, as it is all in terms of the dollar.

I did it by showing the Bitcoin price in terms gold, and the bitcoin price in terms of the dollar, normalised on the same axis.

There is a distinct exponential divergence, with dollar price going northwards.

On internet graphs, we might expect to see a crash of a currency indicated as an exponentially decreasing dollar price, relative to gold and all other currencies, i.e. its value dropping like a stone.

But, since the only factor affecting currency prices now are the markets, which are mostly driven by ai, all currencies are pretty much connected, tracking one another, all referenced to the dollar, not gold, we do not notice that their average values are all slipping, relative to gold.

They are all collapsing together, referenced to the dollar, and we can’t see it directly yet, but weird things are starting to happen, like oil prices going negative, bankrupt company stocks soaring, the dollar value appearing to increase in response to massive stimulus outlays.

It is like being on the sinking ship, thinking we are on land, because we always lived on the ship, and asking why the hell is the land sinking upwards?

I suspect this slippage has always been there, since removal of the gold standard, but now it is obviously going exponential, the old rules of money and assets no longer apply.

Pretty big stuff, huh?

I won’t post a link again here, as weird things are also happening around my links lately, but you should be able to see a link to the data curves I’ve described above in the “Investor buletin #1" linked to from the feature story of my profile.

I haven’t produced an investor buletin #2, for the reasons above.


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